How Publishing an Award-Winning Book Can Bring Healing

The Intro…

Hey ya’ll! Have you ever thought about writing and publishing a book?

To be honest, I had thought about writing and publishing a book a long time ago when my son experienced a miraculous healing recovery. I recently found my notes I started back in the early 2000’s. One day, I will get that done!

Anyway, I really hadn’t planned on becoming a published author. But this morning, I am happy to announce that not only am a I published author, I have an award-winning book! On this morning’s walk, I celebrated by splashing and kicking that crystal clear salt water while hollering my news to the beach world. Of course, I wrote a celebratory poem that can be found at the end of this post.

Oh yeah, I also stopped for my favorite Island Girl fro-joe at Island Joes Coffee and Gallery.

The Details…

It all started in 2023, which turned out to be a rather interesting year – 2 published books with my name on them. On April 20, 2023, I released my first book sharing my life-shattering story and healing beyond it.  Through this process, the idea popped into my head to compile a book filled with my beach pictures and poetry. So, I did! My second book, ‘As I Walked the Beach Today…Padre Island Pictures and Poetry‘, was released on October 4th, 2023.

Not having any idea of how to publish a book, I found HALO International Publishing. The HALO team was phenomenal in answering all my questions/concerns and instrumental in encouraging me to get my story published. After publishing my first book, I reached out to HALO International Publishing again. This time for a totally different kind of book. The HALO Production team, once more, put together a fantastic, published product for me.

The Why…

I have 2 acronyms to sum up my life: BC – Before Cops and AD – After Divorce (for more details check out my blog post Why I Started Healing Adventures). Well, AD found me angry, hurt, and traumatized. Deep inside, a dream goal began to arise of living close enough to the beach and walking it any time I wanted. I stepped big out of my comfort zone right onto North Padre Island living nowhere close to friends or family but in the perfect little condo just 2 blocks from Whitecap Beach.

It happened! Every morning the sun, striking a new pose, met me there and I would snap a pic. Time carried on and soon letters formed words into rhythmic poems as I constructed simple verses with a common first line ‘As I Walked the Beach Today…’.

After publishing my works, I learned about book awards and entered both of my books in a few. Both books have received 5-star reviews (Living Beyond The Night The Cops Showed Up and As I Walked the Beach Today…) and now the beach picture/poetry book won the Bronze Award in the Poetry Category of Reader Views Book Awards.

The Sum Up…

It has all been worth it!

To say I’m a little excited and claim the title of ‘Award-Winning Author’, might be an understatement. Altering my life’s trajectory, that life-shattering moment pushed me to dive deep into immense healing. Walking those sandy shores lent to regulation and the effects of feeling and thinking differently. My camera captured the light of hope shining bright into my darkness and comforted me allowing a safe space to open creativity. None of these accomplishments would have happened had I not experienced all that trauma/drama. Publishing an award-winning book can bring healing.

My celebratory poem:

Bronze Award

As I walked the beach today,
A smile covered my face the whole way.

I awoke to an email from Reader Views,
Letting me know the good news.

My poetry book won the Bronze Award,
My pictures and poetry had really scored.

With child-like excitement I threw my hands in the air,
Kicking and splashing the celebration to share.

Grateful for the struggles that brought me this far,
Published books with awards and reviews - 5-star.

The sky was foggy the waves lifted with joy,
The water clear and cold, splashed me - oh boy!

Bittersweet tears rolled down my face,
Many moments spent healing through pictures and words, walking this place!

Clemmie-Li Clyde - March 6, 2024

The Question…

What’s your accomplishment that never would have happened had you not gone through the toughest moment of your life?

The Challenge…

Make it happen! That thing you have been thinking about doing – someone in the world is waiting for it!

The Live Beyond It Encouragement…

Hope you live beyond it and share your healing journey!

Thanks for stopping by…😊 See ya!

Photo credits on this post: HALO Publishing International Production Team & Clemmie-Li Clyde

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