Pegasus-Li Adventures

Healing adventures!

Hey, ya'll, I'm Clemmie-Li!

My blog highlights everyday adventures in efforts to shine a light of hope into lives!

I’m just a hurt person in search of my own healing wanting to share those discoveries with others walking their own lifelong healing journey.

Expect to find horse interactions, beach walk photos and some travel fun.

My goal in promoting healing will also include featuring equine-assisted therapeutic facilities to connect horses and people.

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Living Beyond the Night the Cops
Showed Up

April 20, 2017, revealed painful, horrific truths amidst that life-shattering night pierced by red and blue lights.  When life falls apart, your mind has nowhere to settle. My hope is that this manuscript encompasses the offer of aid and assistance, with an extended hand, to those with whom these words resonate. May this be one of the many tools needed to discover the treasure – your self-worth and value! 5-star review

As I Walked the Beach Today...
Padre Island Pictures & Poetry

Walks on Whitecap Beach along the Texas coast offer a glimpse into my healing journey. After a life-shattering event, I moved to North Padre Island and starting my morning routine walking on the beach. Snapshots capture the stunning colors of the backdropped sky, jetties, dunes and Gulf of Mexico waters. Discover my creative poetic fun and search to find your own peace. 5-Star Review

On March 4th, 2024, I became an Award-Winning Author!